Marketing Services in the Mining Business

Module 1: Road shows
We offer three different versions of investor presentations in Zurich, Geneva and now also in Italian-speaking Switzerland.

Luncheon presentations (30 – 50 guests)
Small group presentations (5 – 8 guests, with a selection of high profile investors)
One-on-one meetings with funds, banks and private investors

Module 2: Marketing Services
To underscore the road shows we offer reinforcing marketing activities. One of the key
aspects is to keep the client in the mind of investors and to support the mining companies here in
Switzerland throughout the entire year. A selection of individually tailored measures is listed below:

  • Trade fairs: planning, organization and realization of trade fairs
  • Road shows: as described in Module 1
  • Advertising: we will create your sales message, documentations, presentations, fact sheets and reports and choose the right design and media to connect with investors
  • Internet: we will adapt your website, if necessary, so that it conforms to “European standards”
  • Public relations: regular contacts with the Swiss press and extensive communications with journalists
  • Networking: regular contact with investors and potential investors

Additionally we offer the service of specifically evaluating asset managment firms, investment fund companies, banks and large private investors, with the aim of helping you build up a long-term shareholder base in Switzerland.
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